Nick Dwyer

Executive Director

In Memphis, Tennessee, there's a group of young athletes coming together to transform their community. Each has their unique story, all bonded by their love of running. Memphis Youth Athletics sets out to answer the question: How can we instill healthy habits into the lives of children and transform communities, regardless of their background?


Cameron Thomas

Administrative Assistant

Running has always held a significant place in my life. I'm engaged with MYA because I wholeheartedly believe in our mission: creating healthy habits through every run, jump, and throw. Memphis Youth Athletics provides the framework for cultivating discipline, embracing a healthy lifestyle, and gaining numerous positive influences that pave the way for individual success!


Christian Hill

Summer Program Director

I am fully invested in MYA because it allows me to combine my love of working with children with my enthusiasm for encouraging their culinary development and participation in track and field. After 12 years of running and jumping, it brings me great joy to see children fall in love with a sport that holds a special place in my heart, forming lasting friendships and instilling a feeling of accomplishment in the next generation.


Chris Bell

Summer Program Director

I am involved with MYA because I love track and cross country, physical activity, and interacting with the youth. I love being able to foster relationships with everyone who comes into contact with MYA. The thing I like most about MYA is the feeling of having an impact on the kids, coaches, and supporters who interact with MYA.